Wall mounted display stand For the LEGO Concorde 10318


The need to protect your precious items is the reason why model display stands are becoming increasingly popular. Our acrylic display stand will provide you with a show stopping display for your model. Whilst keeping it on the wall out of harms way.


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Introducing the Laser Frame uniquely engineered wall display stand, designed specifically for the iconic LEGO Concorde model. This impressive and sleek display stand takes your LEGO Concorde to new heights, ensuring it becomes the centerpiece of any room.

Crafted with precision engineering, the Laser Frame wall display stand offers a secure and eye-catching way to showcase your LEGO Concorde masterpiece. Its innovative design combines functionality with elegance, allowing you to display your model with confidence and pride.

Made from premium quality acrylic, this display stand is built to last. Its sleek white finish adds a touch of sophistication and seamlessly blends into any interior decor. The stand perfectly complements the LEGO Concorde, enhancing its beauty and capturing the essence of this legendary aircraft.

Installing the Laser Frame is a breeze, thanks to its simple mounting system. With the included hardware and easy-to-follow instructions, you can have your LEGO Concorde safely mounted on the wall in no time. The stand offers an you the perfect position to showcase every intricate detail of your LEGO masterpiece.

Whether you’re a passionate LEGO collector, aviation enthusiast, or simply appreciate beautiful design, the Laser Frame uniquely engineered wall display stand is the perfect accessory for your LEGO Concorde. Elevate your display to new heights with this stunning stand that combines functionality, aesthetics, and exceptional craftsmanship.

Note: LEGO Concorde model not included.

The pieces come with protective film on to prevent scratches and damage. Just peel this film off and slot the pieces together and you have a fantastic show stand.

Worldwide Shipping:

Our stands come as a click and fit system, therefore shipping costs are kept to a minimum. We pride ourselves on shipping worldwide. If your country isn’t on the list of countries we ship to then please contact us to see if it can be added.


** LEGO is not included and for illustration purposes only*

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