Acrylic Display Case for LEGO DFB Mannschaft CMF Minifigures Series


The need to protect your precious items from dust and damage is the reason why model display cases are becoming increasingly popular. This fantastic and unique acrylic display case is a great way of showcasing and displaying your LEGO minifigures.


The Laser Frame Acrylic display case for the LEGO minifigures DFB series is a specially designed case to exhibit and protect the LEGO minifigures DFB series. Made from high-quality cast acrylic material, this display case offers durability and protection, allowing for clear visibility of the minifigures.
Using laser cutting technology, the display case is precisely crafted with intricate details. It features studs that securely hold each minifigure, a laser cut plinth for each football and an etched display plaque and metal corner brackets to secure the case.
The Laser Frame Acrylic display case is designed to accommodate the entire DFB series and has additional features such as the removable front to easily access the figures while providing protection against dust and damage.
It is a popular choice among Lego enthusiasts and collectors who want to display their series mini figures in a visually appealing and well-preserved manner.


** LEGO is not included and for illustration purposes only**

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